Commercial Litigation Explained

Commercial litigation is a rather broad field of law and encompasses any type of litigation involving business issues, often between businesses, though that is not always the case.

Commercial litigation is an expanding field of law, and its growth is spurred by the current trend of growing new small businesses, at-home businesses and the diversification of already existing ones. The issues that commercial litigation cases cover are as unique as the types of companies out there, and there isn’t a single case that is similar to another. To help you understand commercial litigation better, here is an overview of a couple of the areas that have the most frequent issues of concern when it comes to this type of litigation cases.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual properties are usually the lifeblood of most businesses. The trademarks, patents, and copyrights obtained by different companies for their processes and products are often worth millions and, in most instances, are their primary source of revenue.

Securing intellectual property government-mandated processes such as patenting is one form of intellectual property litigation. Another type of intellectual property litigation is where businesses will file a lawsuit against another due to purported infringement. These cases usually involve claiming millions, and even billions of dollars in damages with either party winning some of the cases and losing some.

Corporate and LLC Litigation

Anyone can have an LLC or corporation. Whatever the entity, duties are generally owed as a matter of law. When it comes to LLC and corporate litigation, there are lots of areas of conflict and include topics like non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, acquisitions, and corporate mergers, employment agreements, and corporate and management control disputes. Just because a majority of today’s corporations are much smaller than those of the past doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the same issues which plagued, and continue to plague big corporations.

Franchise Litigation

Franchising is one area of business that experiences lots of commercial litigation cases. Franchising agreements allow for new business chains to be built across the country. However, this usually leads to a considerable amount of legal disputes that law firms such as dph legal solicitors do not specialise in but can recommend a reputable firm that are knowledgable when it comes to the selling, purchasing, and maintenance of franchises.

Since franchise agreements are usually complex legal documents which control everything from the business’ operating hours to where fixtures are placed, litigation could arise where violations of franchise agreements are alleged.

Commercial litigation involves anything related to business and commerce. When faced with such a case or are in need of commercial litigation services, then commercial litigators are the people to approach. These professionals have the training and experience needed to handle commercial litigations and should help you through the process. The important thing though is that you take the time to research and compare available litigators to ensure that you hire the right people for your litigation suit.