White Collar Criminal Defense

The attorneys of Bade Baskin Richards represent people who are under investigation for or charged with white collar crimes such as embezzlement and securities fraud. From our law office in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe, we serve clients in Arizona and throughout the southwestern United States. Our attorneys are admitted to practice only in Arizona, and we associate with local counsel to handle cases in other jurisdictions.

White collar crimes such as securities law violations are taken very seriously by both state and federal prosecutors. In addition to prison time, the government could seek restitution for alleged victims by seizing your assets. Bade Baskin Richards also represents defendants in forfeiture actions, which although technically not criminal proceedings, are directly parallel to a criminal proceeding, and often involve the seizure of a defendants’ entire assets.

If you are a licensed professional, you face the loss of that license as a result of a felony conviction. Finding a job in the future can be difficult, as there are few employers willing to hire someone who has a conviction for a crime of dishonesty.

If you are accused of a white collar crime, it’s essential to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A successful criminal defense means avoiding charges as much as defending you against them. By talking to prosecutors early, we may persuade prosecutors not to file charges or to file less serious charges. Our best work is the work you will never hear about: convincing a prosecutor not to bring a proceeding.

We defend people charged with all types of state and federal white collar offenses, including:

  • Ponzi schemes and other securities and investment fraud
  • Mortgage and lending fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Internet fraud and wire fraud.
  • Theft charges

Attorney Alan Baskin is a former assistant attorney general in the Securities Division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, where he spent more than five years prosecuting primarily white collar and securities cases. Alan also handles civil and regulatory actions arising out of alleged criminal violations.